修正キー (英数8文字以内)
 2018.05.18-21 世界遺産ハントinドイツ German World Heritage Site Tour Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 4:54

We went for a German World Heritage Site tour using consecutive holidays. We arrived at "Bayreuth". We checked-in at the hotel, "Hotel Restaurant Lohmuhle". It's a lovely hotel.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:05 修正

We decided to do atown walk until dinner time.
We came to "The Hermitage". The Hermitage Landscape Park is a gem of Rococo and a prime example of the 18th century horticulture. We were taking a walk in the park and heading for the palace in the park.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:07 修正

Lotus flowers were flowering prettily like an artificial product.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:09 修正

Nobody was in such a beautiful park.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:10 修正

We arrived at the New Castle built between 1749 and 1753. It consists of two curved wings, which are separated from the middle part.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:12 修正

The cafe of the New Castle was crowded with many people. Most visitors had a drink here. "The Upper Grotto" in front of the castle were built from 1749 to 1753.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:14 修正

A lot of white flowers were in bloom.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:15 修正

Very cute.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:16 修正

There is a fountain using inclination.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:22 修正

The Old Castle was coming into our sight. In 1715, it was built by Margrave Georg Wilhelm (26 November 1678 - 18 December 1726) who was a member of the House of Hohenzollern and Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:23 修正

It was closed in the evening. In 1735, when Margrave Friedrich took over the government of the margraviate, he presented the Hermitage to his wife Wilhelmine. She ordered the extension of the small castle by two side wings.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:25 修正

The Ruined Theatre was built between 1743 and 1745. We see the outside from the theatre side.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:26 修正

There is a promenade in the forest. We decided to walk there because it looks cool.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:27 修正

Fresh verdure was very beautiful.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:29 修正

We went around the park.

 エルミタージュ Hermitage Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:30 修正

We went back through a shade.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:31 修正

We took a walk around the hotel. Nobody was there.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:33 修正

We passed a wonderful building. It's "Iwalewahaus", University of Bayreuth, and a place for the production and presentation of contemporary art. This building was built in 1907 for the Bavarian state’s bank. The house opened its doors on November 27, 1981, as a support for the Africa focus of the University of Bayreuth.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:34 修正

I didn't know why a dinosaur was here, but we walked the street where a dinosaur was. What a lovely town it was.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:35 修正

"The Old Castle"
It was built in 1455 and was from 1603 to 1753, before the move to the New Palace in the mid-18th century, residence of the Margraves of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. There is a statue of "Maximilian II" (28 November 1811 - 10 March 1864) who reigned as King of Bavaria between 1848 and 1864 in front of the palace.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:36 修正

Today, the building serves since 1953 as the seat of the tax office. We saw the appearance of the palace a little and went out there.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:37 修正

People who had a instrument walked there. What is this ? Was ist das ? What will begin ?

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:39 修正

When we followed them, we found the preparation of a parade.
I guessed it was a town festival today.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月19日(火) 5:49 修正

I felt all residents of the town gathered here. They were preparing for a parade lively.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 3:53 修正

The current building was constructed between 1748 (laying of the foundation stone) and 1750 (consecration).

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 3:55 修正
「City Church of the Holy Trinity Bayreuth」

The town fire in 1605 severely damaged the first church, built in 1194, at this site. The current church was built from 1611 to 1614. It was renovated on a large scale in the 19th century.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:01 修正

Masaki was spirited up with local family at the side of the church.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:02 修正

When we walked in the town, we heard a sound of the parade.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:06 修正

People we saw at the square.
It was a lon parade where various groups participated in.

 リヒャルト・ワーグナー博物館 Richard Wagner Museum Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:14 修正

We arrived at "The Richard Wagner Museum".
"Wahnfried House" was the residence of Richard Wagner and his family's home until 1966.

 リヒャルト・ワーグナー博物館 Richard Wagner Museum Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:17 修正

Financed by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the house was constructed from 1872 to 1874. In 1973, Wahnfried was gifted to the city. Over the next three years, the war- and weather-damaged parts of the house were restored to their original state, so that the official inauguration of the museum was able to go ahead on July 24, 1976.

 リヒャルト・ワーグナー博物館 Richard Wagner Museum Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:19 修正

The time when we arrived was late and it was way past its closing time. So we decided to see only a garden. The house was closed again in 2010 for extensive restoration and renovation. On 26 July 2015, there was a grand re-opening of the villa.

 リヒャルト・ワーグナー博物館 Richard Wagner Museum Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:21 修正

It's a greve of Wagner and his wife, Cosima in the backyard of the house. Wagner did not spend the closing days of his life at Wahnfried, leaving Bayreuth on 6 September 1882 for the sixth and final time for Venice, where he resided until his death 13 February 1883. Wagner's body was repatriated to Wahnfried in a public procession through Bayreuth on 18 February.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:22 修正

We had a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:22 修正

There is a G clef on the asparagus soup. As I expected, it's a town of the music.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:23 修正

A white asparagus salad.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:24 修正

A mixed grill.
It was an unaffected dish like Germany, but it was great.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 4:25 修正

We saw big fireworks from the room on the night.

 2018.05.19 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:22 修正

"The New Castle"
It was built from 1753, after a fire in January of the same year, the previous residence - it is now known as the Old Castle - had largely destroyed. In 1758 it was essentially completed.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:28 修正

"The New Castle"
Unfortunately we couldn't take photos in the castle. Though you can visit only by a guided tour, the guidance was carried out only in Germany. All participants including us of this time were only tourists who didn't speak Germany. In addition, a guide didn't speak English. I don't think it deserves the name of the guided tour.

 バイロイト Bayreuth Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:32 修正

The World Heritage Site "Margravial Opera House"
It's the most beautiful Baroque opera house in Europe. It was built between 1744 and 1748. It is one of Europe's few surviving theatres of the period and has been extensively restored.

 辺境伯オペラ劇場 Margravial Opera House Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:34 修正

You san visit here only by a guided tour as well.
A guidance was carried out only in Germany, so we didn't understand at all. However we understood the beauty of the theatre. That is really amazing. The theatre closed between October 2012 for extensive refurbishment and redevelopment and reopened April 12, 2018. It was just before our arrival.

 辺境伯オペラ劇場 Margravial Opera House Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:47 修正

After German explanation, we saw the image picture which comes out on the stage. Of course we don't understand the meaning. I got a sigh for overwhelmed beauty. The box theatre is completely preserved in its original condition, except for the curtain which was taken by Napoleon's troops on their march to the 1812 Russian campaign. The prince box was seldom used by the art-minded margravial couple, who preferred a front-row seat.

 辺境伯オペラ劇場 Margravial Opera House Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:49 修正

A ceiling painting. I'm afraid people are fascinated by a painting rather than a play in the theatre which has a flashy decoration.

 バイロイト祝祭劇場 Bayreuth Festival Theatre Junko  2018年6月20日(水) 5:57 修正

It was dedicated solely to the performance of stage works by Richard Wagner. It is the venue for the annual Bayreuth Festival, for which it was specifically conceived and built. The foundation stone was laid on 22 May 1872, Wagner's 59th birthday. The building was first opened for the premiere of the complete four-opera cycle of Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), from 13 to 17 August 1876.

 バイロイト祝祭劇場 Bayreuth Festival Theatre Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:20 修正

We took a walk at the park in front of the theatre and left "Bayreuth". The next World Heritage Site is "Bamberg".

 世界遺産・バンベルク The World Heritage Site/Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:42 修正

It's a precious town in Germany, where the cityscape 1,000 years ago is left, because the town escaped damage in the battle of the second world war. A large part of the town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

 聖ヤコブ教会 St. Jakobskirche Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:45 修正

It is one of Bamberg's oldest churches. Its cnstruction began in 1073 and was completed in 1109. The baroque facade was added in 1771. At the same time, the southern half-finished tower was demolished and northern crowned with an onion helmet. After a careful restoration in the 1990s, it is today the only almost completely Romanesque church in the city. The wedding ceremony was held.

 新宮殿 New Residence Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:55 修正

Built between 1698 and 1704, it was initially occupied by the prince-bishops, and from 1864 to 1867 by the deposed King Otto of Greece. Otto (1 June 1815 - 26 July 1867) was a Bavarian prince who became the first modern King of Greece in 1832 under the Convention of London.

 バラ園 Rose Garden Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:56 修正

I heard the rose garden of "The New Residence" was wonderful, so we vivited there. Red roses of the entrance.

 バラ園 Rose Garden Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:57 修正

However unfortunately roses in the garden did not bloom. It has over 4500 roses.

 バラ園 Rose Garden Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 3:59 修正

Though roses did not bloom, we could look out over the town because it was located on the hill.

 大聖堂 Bamberg Cathedral Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:31 修正

It's one of the most important cultural heritage site in Germany from architectural and sculpture artistic point of view. After the first two cathedrals burned down in the 11th and 12th centuries, the current structure, a late Romanesque building with four large towers consecrated on 6 May 1237. Unfortunately it was under partly restoration.

 大聖堂 Bamberg Cathedral Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:35 修正

"The marble tomb of the Emperor and Empress"
It's the marble tomb of the founder of the cathedral, the Emperor Heinrich II (Henry II) and his wife, the Empress Kunigunde, and carved between 1499 and 1513.

 大聖堂 Bamberg Cathedral Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:38 修正

"The west chancel"
It is dedicated to St. Peter symbolizing the Pope. It's the chancel in Romanesque style with small windows.

 大聖堂 Bamberg Cathedral Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:39 修正

"Bamberg Horseman"
This equestrian statue, possibly depicting the Hungarian king Stephen I, most likely dates to the period from 1225 to 1237 by an anonymous medieval sculptor.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:47 修正

An exquisite wood framework and flowers at the window side was lovely.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:47 修正

We arrived at "The Old Town Hall". In 1387, the town hall was first mentioned and rebuilt between 1461 and 1467.

 旧市庁舎 Old Town Hall Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:51 修正

"The old town hall was built on the bridge in the middle of the Regnitz river. The half-timbered house attached to the bridge tower to serve as accommodation for the guards.

 旧市庁舎 Old Town Hall Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:53 修正

The town was parted in Bishop Bamberg on the hill and the bourgeois city center under the hill. Therefore the town hall was built at the waypoint of both.

 旧市庁舎 Old Town Hall Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 4:56 修正

The town hall was redesigned between 1744 and 1756 in the Baroque and Rococo style. We can see abrilliant wall paintings in Baroque style, originally created in 1755.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:02 修正

We walked still more and was heading for the Regnitz river.

 小ヴェネツィア Klein-Venedig ("Little Venice") Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:04 修正

We arrived at "Little Venice", which was a a colony of fishermen's houses from the 19th century along oposite bank of the river Regnitz

 小ヴェネツィア Klein-Venedig ("Little Venice") Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:09 修正

We walked on the bank between 2 bridges.
We met such a cute parent and child on the way.

 小ヴェネツィア Klein-Venedig ("Little Venice") Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:11 修正

All including roofs and windows are lovely.

 小ヴェネツィア Klein-Venedig ("Little Venice") Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:13 修正

The scenery of "Little Venice" from the bridge.
Many people took a walk leisurely

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:15 修正

We took a walk in the town wherever we wished.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:16 修正

A waterfront is very beautiful even if it's not the area called "Little Venice".

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:17 修正

We walked still more.

 オーベレプファレ教会 Obere Pfarre Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:19 修正

We arrived at "Obere Pfarre".
Construction of the church began in 1338. The church was consecrated in 1387. Around 1606/07 there was a comprehensive repair of the church. From 2011 to 2014, the church was completely renoveted.

 オーベレプファレ教会 Obere Pfarre Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:29 修正

The nave and the high choir were remodeled in Baroque style at the beginning of the 18th century. The interior was restored in 1864 and between 1973 and 1979. We were said that "it is only 10 minutes until the closing time.", so we visited there only 10 minutes.

 オーベレプファレ教会 Obere Pfarre Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:30 修正

The five-stories tower was completed in 1538. Though it had a plan to add a high spire on it, it is said that the plan was cancelled to avoid being the same height as the cathedral.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:32 修正

It was a booking time of the restaurant soon. We were heading for a restaurant. It's an Equestrian statue of Prinz Regent Luitpold (12 March 1821 - 12 December 1912), created in 1899, who was the de facto ruler of Bavaria from 1886 to 1912.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:33 修正
途中赤い人とハンカチ落としを楽しみました。これは中国人アーチスト、Wang Shugangが2013年に作成し、2016年にここに展示された「ミーティング」という像です。

He enjoyed the popular games in Japan called "Drop the handkerchief" game, which is similar to "Duck Duck Goose", with red people on the way. They are the sculpture "Meeting" by the Chinese artist Wang Shugang, created in 2013 and diplayed here in 2016.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:40 修正

The restaurant is listed in Michelin plates.
We had set menus.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:41 修正

Tomato gelee with cheese mousse.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:45 修正

Galantine of rabbit and veal.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:45 修正

Today's best dish.
Consomme soup of beans with yolk.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:46 修正

Fish dish. The fish is similar to a seabass.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:47 修正

Meat dish.
Lamb. It's tender and nice.

 Weinrestaurant Messerschmitt Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:49 修正

A dessert.
Actually it was a quite normal restaurant.

 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:51 修正

When we returned to the hotel, at last we saw a sunset. We could look out over the old town of The World heritage Site from our room.

 2018.05.20 バンベルク Bamberg Junko  2018年6月21日(木) 5:54 修正

The scenery of the old town from our room in the morning.
We cancelled a visit to "Michaelsberg Abbey" because the church is closed for repairs and decided to go to the next town. The church was consecrated on 1 September 1121. We were going to "Maulbronn Monastery", The World Heritage Site, next.

 世界遺産・マウルブロン修道院 The World Heritage Site/Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 3:58 修正

I hear it's one of the best preserved examples of monastery complex in Europe. It is located at the out of the town and isolated by turreted walls and a tower gate. When we got into there from this gate,

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:01 修正

We entered the site of the monastery. We traveled back to old days at a stretch. The construction of the monastery began in 1147. After the Reformation began in the year 1517, Ulrich, Duke of Wurttemberg built his hunting lodge and stables here. The monastery was pillaged repeatedly: first by the knights under Franz von Sickingen in 1519, then again during the German Peasants' War six years later.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:07 修正

There are many lovely buildings. It's like a theme park. The complex today houses the Maulbronn town hall and other administrative offices, a police station, and several restaurants.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:08 修正

It's "Town Hall".

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:12 修正

We went to the abbey. In 1534, the monastery was secularized and transfered to a Protestant seminary in 1566. The monastery was secularized in 1807 again.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:14 修正

"The entrance hall"
It's free to here. When we go further, we must pay an admission fee.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 4:55 修正

The cloister of the monastery.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:02 修正

This monastery is featured prominently in Hermann Hesse's aitobiographical novel "Beneath the Wheel". In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:06 修正

The chancel of the church in the monastery.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:07 修正

Some ceiling paintings are left.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:10 修正

The life of the monks was very severe and the whisper was strict prohibition. They could talk only in this "Lounge".

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:11 修正

The painting of the lounge.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:12 修正

The monks used the three-bowl fountain for cleaning, for ritual washing and for cutting their tonsures. Only the lower bowl of the Fountain House's mediaeval fountain remains. In 1878, the new middle and top bowl were added.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:15 修正

This big building was used as a warehouse.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:17 修正

We were heading for the fence surrounding the monastery.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:19 修正

We go up on the fence from here.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:21 修正

There is a promenade outside of the fence of the monastery.
We saw the fence whilw we were walking.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:22 修正

We saw the monastery through the gap of trees on the promenade.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:23 修正

When we walked on the promenade,

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:24 修正
「Tiefer See」という湖に出ます。この湖の水を修道士たちは使って生活していました。

We arrived at "Tiefer See". Monks used water of this lake as a living water.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:26 修正

We walk down the promenade and headed for the monastery again.

 マウルブロン修道院 Maulbronn Monastery Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:28 修正

We returned the monastery. To represent Baden-Wurttemberg, an image of the Abbey appears on the obverse of the German 2013 €2 commemorative coin. We were heading for the next town.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:41 修正
ホテルのフロントで「この町は産業の街で観光するところがない」と言われたけれどお夕飯のレストランをさがしがてら街歩きにでました。聖マイケル教会、見つけたー。最初は1219年に建てられました。1945年2月23日のプフォルツファイム空襲で教会は大きな損害を受け、1957年に修復は完成しました。現在はJohannes Reuchlin博物館です。

Although a hotel staff mentioned that "There is nothing to visit in this town because it's an industrial town.", we walked around the town to look for a good restaurant to have a dinner. We found St. Michael church. Originally it was built in 1219. The air raid on Pforzheim on February 23, 1945 severely damaged the church. The restoration was finished in 1957. Today it's the Museum Johannes Reuchlin.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:42 修正

"Bezirksamtsturm" (the former Grand Ducal District Office)

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:44 修正

"Town Clock"
The tower was originally built in 1903 in an Art Nouveau style. It was destroyed during World War II and was re-built in 1961. There are the Signs of Zodiac painted around the clock. The clock itself has golden fingers and golden markers, but no literals.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:44 修正

We found one more church. It's "The Sacred Heart Church", Catholic church, built in 1928/29. During the air raid on Pforzheim on February 23, 1945, the church was destroyed except for the tower and the foundations. The final reconstruction was completed in 1951.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:45 修正

The promenade along "Enz".

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:46 修正
途中、何かに拍手をする人たちに会いました。一緒に拍手!1987年にGuido Messerによって作成された彫刻、「有料拍手」という作品です。

We met people who was clapping for something. He was clapping together. It's "Die Claque", paid clappers, freestanding sculpture by Guido Messer, erected in 1987.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:47 修正

It's the convention bureau called "EMMA". I think it's a historical building, but no idea for further information.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:48 修正

We turned back because the promenade disappeared here.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:49 修正

We had a dinner at the restaurant of "Parkhotel Pforzheim".
Salad of white asparagus. Amazing.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:50 修正

Soup of artichoke.
It was perfect.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:56 修正

This dish was born in "Maulbronn Monastery". The origin is that monks forbidden from a meat dish thought hard and ate meat wrapped with pasta dough to hide meats. I wanted to eat it by all means. Ingredients were minced meat, cheese and spinach. Beautiful.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 5:57 修正

A garnish was potato. They were stewed with sour soup.

 プフォルツファイム Pforzheim Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 6:00 修正

Beefsteak with pasta of potato.
Most restaurants were closed because it was Sunday. We decided to eat a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel reluctantly. However this restaurant was the best one during the trip suprisingly. All dishes were amazing.

 2018.05.21 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月22日(金) 6:05 修正

The last World Heritage Site of this tour, "Volklingen Ironworks". The first smelter began operation in 1883. The plant closed in 1986.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 5:48 修正

It was granted a place as the first industrial monument in the world on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site List in 1994.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 5:53 修正

We need a helmet because it's an ironworks.
Pointing and calling !! "OK".

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 5:57 修正

I was scared because I could see the bottom from the steps.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:02 修正

As a matter of fact, we didn't have any today's plan, so we forcibly searched for the place to go and found this world heritage site. Although we didn't expect it, its intensity was very interesting.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:05 修正

This equipment brought cokes.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:06 修正

The plant grounds extends far and wide.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:07 修正

It's very high.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:08 修正

It is fun like the exploration.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:10 修正

Although it was old and tingling, it was huge and cool.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:11 修正

Tracks were set up.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:12 修正

It's an overjoyed place for ruins buffs. I understand thier feeling today.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:13 修正

It's like a movie set.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:17 修正

It was a great theme park. It was very interesting.

 フェルクリンゲン製鉄所 Volklingen Ironworks Junko  2018年6月23日(土) 6:18 修正

We glanced over the indoor display and returned to Belgium.
We visited 4 World Heritage Sites in 4 days.
It was a tour of slightly minor World Heritage sites.
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